What Alumni are Saying about Blueprint Pre-College Summer Programs

Top 5 Quotes From Parents and Students

A lot of people mash up the terms pre-college summer programs or summer programs for high school students, but for the most part they are one in the same. If you’re a guidance counselor, most likely you’re going to use the term “pre-college summer program.”

So today I wanted to share my favorite quotes from parents and students who learned what a Blueprint pre-college summer program is all about last summer. Maybe their words will help you figure out is a summer program is right for your high school student.

OK, Here we go!

1. I wasn’t sure about sending my son to a summer college. Many programs are at large universities and I was concerned that he would not be actively involved in the program. The Blueprint staff were so welcoming and made it easy for my son to feel part of the group and the small size of the program made the experience very personal for him. 2013 Parent


2. Blueprint was the best part of my summer! The classes were both fun and educational and the activities were great. Most of all I met really interesting people that I’m friends with to this day. Blueprint gave me a taste of college and helped me discover more about the type of college I want. I would not pass up a chance to do this program! 2013 Student

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3. The college prep classes gave my son a reality check for what it is like to apply to colleges, live at school and the responsibilities he will face next year. I would HIGHLY recommend Blueprint to any family looking for a small, personal, high-value summer college experience. In fact, my son is talking about going back next year even after he graduates high school he liked it so much! 2013 Parent

4. Blueprint is definitely something every student should invest in it allows high school students to get a good idea about what life in college is like. 2014 Student


5. My daughter attended the Creative Writing camp as Stonehill college, summer 2013. Not only was this a constructive, enlightening experience in the classroom for her, it showed her what college life would be like on campus and in the living in the dorms. She experienced traveling across country on her own, making new friends and trying things she’s never thought to try before. This experience was life-changing for her and helped her to mature. I can’t thank the staff enough for making this a summer she’ll never forget! 2013 Parent

All right…change of plans – let’s make this a top 7  list!


6. Definitely attend because I was nervous to go to Blueprint but I ended up having a great time, learning a lot, and I made so many friends. Excellent experience and would recommend Blueprint … Great group of people!!! 2013 Student

7. The staff are really amazing. I’ve never met a more thoughtful, experienced group of educators before. Having mentors like these are what you hope for when you send your kids to camp. This was our first Blueprint experience for my 4th and youngest son. I only with we’d found Blueprint years ago! 2013 Parent



We’ll follow up on this post with the best reasons to attend a pre-college program but we hope you got the gist from our 2013 Alumni.