UCLA Pre-College Psychology Instructor: About Cait Sleight

Get excited about UCLA because your pre-college summer program is led by Cait Sleight! Cait earned her B.A. in Psychology with a Research Concentration Track and specialization in Neuroscience at the University of Connecticut. After graduation, she traded her country living for a city life in Manhattan, working at Columbia University Medical Center in the Psychiatry Department.


She researched many things, including how aerobic exercise and genetics effects cell growth in the brain, how chocolate can increase cognition and the art of conducting neuropsychological testing.

Currently, Cait is a student at the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology in New York City with a GPA over 4.0, on her way to earning a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She currently gives therapy in the Parnes Clinic in the Bronx and will start an Externship at Brooklyn College’s Counseling Center next fall.

Graduate Student, Sucker for Boxing, Future Clinical Psychologist & your pre-college summer program superstar!


In addition to being a student, researcher and therapist-in-training, Cait loves exploring the city for every next best thing to try. Her favorite spot to go is a speak-easy disguised as a hot dog shop with a secret telephone booth as the entrance. Not only that, she’s also a sucker for playing sports and trying new activities for fun. She just did her first yoga headstand and took up boxing and MMA classes.

As a student herself, Cait knows what makes a class come alive. She is so excited to meet her own students for her very first pre-college summer program at Blueprint and to teach her most favorite and relevant parts of psychology as possible. Get ready to interact with your classmates, confront your own psyche and to learn why psychological concepts surround you everywhere you go, even in your unconscious.