Pre-College Program Scholarships

2018 Pre-College Scholarships Available

Going to college is a huge step for every student! And it’s crucial to ensure you’re prepared for the transition and set up for success for the next 4+ years. To help families afford the costs the a pre-college summer program, Blueprint offers partial scholarships that can be used for any 2018 program!

How To Apply For A Blueprint Scholarship

To receive a scholarship and reserve a space in your pre-college summer program, Blueprint requires a completed scholarship application. Scholarship forms must be completed by a parent or legal guardian and returned to Blueprint no later than 3/31/18.

Upon acceptance, Blueprint will send the parent or guardian on file a confirmation e-mail, including a unique scholarship code. Register online and enter the scholarship code alongside your payment information to reduce program tuition by your award amount.

Blueprint Summer Programs offers partial scholarship awards that are applied towards the payment of Blueprint tuition and fees, but do not cover it in full. Families are expected to contribute to the cost of a student’s program. As these are only partial scholarship, we encourage families to reach out to their community for additional scholarships and financial assistance.

Payment Plans Available

To aide with the cost of programs, Blueprint now offers payment plans! After an initial payment, the balance will be automatically dispersed overly monthly payments (from the date of registration to June 5th). So paying for your pre-college summer program is now simple and hassle-free! Find out more about Blueprint tuition options…

Application & Tuition Due Dates

  • Early application deadline:  Jan. 31
  • Final application deadline: March 31
  • Tuition balances due: June 5

Once complete, please send the pre-college program application and any supporting documents to If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Blueprint Summer Programs at (877) 415-1111.

“The best experience of my daughter’s life. Her words. Thank you!!”

Parent -Georgetown University

“In just two weeks, I made wonderful new friends, and I learned so much in and out of the classroom! The staff is completely committed to making your experience the absolute best it can be! I highly recommend this program; it is truly amazing!”

Student -Georgetown University

“By the second day we had each other laughing hysterically on our way back from the dining hall. I couldn’t believe how quickly we all became friends.”

Student -Georgetown University

“It’s an excellent way to get a feel of what college is all about. You get to actually see what a real campus looks like, make new friends that you can stay in touch with, and experience college life before it really happens!”

Student -Georgetown University

“I’ve learned more about writing in this last week than I’ve learned through out my whole 3 years of high school.”

Student -Georgetown University

“Blueprint was an awesome program! The staff is wicked friendly, you get plenty freedom (as long as you are responsible), and the people I met are AMAZING!!!”

Student -Georgetown University