Assessing The New SAT (& Upcoming Test Dates!)

On March 5, SAT debuted its latest and most drastic redesign in 10 years. The more intensive reading sections and increased number of word problems in the math section had many students worried. But there was good news: no more penalty for guessing and the essay is no longer required, but optional.

After taking the updated SAT, many students gave great reviews. A high school junior in D.C., Brian Keyes stated, “There aren’t as many questions where it’s trying to trick you … It was much more straightforward.” And, “by a 6 to 1 margin, students said they preferred the format of the new SAT over the previous version of the test.”

The biggest downside for students though isn’t the difficulty of questions, the hard decision of whether or not to take the essay portion or even the increased number of word problems. The biggest downside is the possible inability to effectively prepare. With the new changes, test prep books and courses may not be as helpful for this year’s tests. The good news? College Board has partnered exclusively with Khan Academy to offer FREE practice SAT tests! Check it out!

Want to find out more about the changes? Learn more here.

Spring Test Dates And Deadlines

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