Are You Really Ready For College?

You already know that second semester of your senior year is too late to start talking and thinking about getting ready for college. The skills you need to be successful in college (and in your career) is something that many students practice and prepare for as young as middle school. And are thinking about as young as elementary school!

We aren’t saying that you should have ACT/SAT vocabulary words in your crib. But it’s never too early to stress the importance of preparing yourself to succeed!


What Is College And Career Readiness (CCR)?

More and more students are graduating high school and applying to college–and that’s great! But high schools and colleges know that just because you completed what was required for you in high school doesn’t necessarily mean you are ready to take on the challenges of college–academically, socially, and emotionally. With proper exposure and understanding beforehand (while students are in high school) you can be completely prepared for the stresses and challenges of college and/or your first career.

In other words, really being ready for college is so much more than taking the courses and tests that help you get in to college. College and career readiness is a set of skills, habits and behaviors that aid in your journey and help you to achieve success to and through college and your career.

CCR goes beyond just filling out your application and scoring well on the SAT. Not only ensuring you have action plans on small things you can do from the moment you step in a high school but also focusing on how to communicate effectively, business email etiquette, how to land part time jobs and internships and how to prepare for a career in your chosen field.

The Department of Education, researchers at Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, UPenn and many others have researched this concept thoroughly. This is why many states (and very likely your own school district) are making the push to make sure students are ready for college. Blueprint’s part of that team, and we want to help coach and guide you to success in all your post-high school plans.

How Can I Get Ready For College?

Research has proven that college and career readiness skills should incorporate some aspect of social-emotional learning, and often times it is difficult for high schools to tackle that on top of everything else they need to prepare you for.

A lot of the skills needed to be ready for college you can’t learn in a classroom!

This is why Blueprint steps in and picks up where your school may leave off.

Yes, we will go over things like dates/deadlines for applications and scholarships, ACT/SAT test prep, and how to write a killer essay/resume, but we’ll also go over conflict-resolution techniques for dealing with tough roommates, how to take notes and focus in a huge college lecture class, and how you can leverage what you are naturally good at to a career that is right for you.

Confused about the application process? Overwhelmed by too much information? Anxious about finding the “right” school for you? Don’t be! Blueprint College Prep takes the stress out of preparing for college – and it’s never too soon or too late to start.


Get Ready For College With Blueprint Summer Programs

We aren’t going to push you to take AP classes, enroll in Pre-Calc or Math 3 as a Freshman, or tell you that you are limited to a single career path based off your performance in your English and History classes. We’re here to help you explore what it ACTUALLY means to be college and career ready from your perspective.

No matter which program location you choose, your Blueprint experience will include daily College Prep seminars and hands-on help developing your own personalized, A-to-Z guide for college.

But…there is so much to go over in the massive topic that is college readiness. We can’t possibly fit everything in just four or eight class sessions! That’s why we’ve added an entire day devoted to getting you ready for college! After attending Blueprint’s college readiness summit (the first Wednesday of any program!) you’ll walk away feeling confident in taking the next steps to apply to and be fully prepared for college.

With Blueprint, you’ll participate in a range of activities and workshops all aimed at developing CCR skills. Although some sessions may vary and are subject to change, you’ll be working on things like resume building, personal statement writing and editing, public speaking, interview skills, how to best leverage your strengths and talents, how to look and apply for scholarships, and how to ease the burden of financing a college degree.