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Success In Life Begins With Success In College

Blueprint Summer Program is an innovative and fun pre-college program that empowers high school students to get ready for college. We’ll help you learn the necessary skills to graduate from college in 4 years on a solid career path.

Our residential, academic summer program includes college and career readiness training that will help you gain the confidence and skills students need to be ready for college academically, socially and personally.

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Draw Your Blueprint for a Successful Life

We help high school students find answers to a variety of common pre-college questions.

  • Need help figuring out your major?
  • Having trouble deciding if a specific school is a good fit for you?
  • Wrestling with the college application process?
  • Worried about living with a roommate on campus?

The definition of college readiness is different for every student. At Blueprint Summer Programs, we get to know our students, so we can better guide them to the answers they need to succeed.