Pre-College Creative Writing Summer Camp

This summer we’re very excited that our pre-college program at UVA in creative writing is being led by Tawni Auxier!

Tawni playing Miss Maudie

Tawni playing Miss Maudie

Tawni Auxier (pen name Tawni Waters) is an award winning writer and poet.  She has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of New Orleans and teaches Creative Writing at Estrella Mountain College in Phoenix, Arizona.

Her first novel, Beauty of the Broken, is being released by Simon and Schuster on August 26.  Her first poetry book, Siren Song, is being released by Burlesque Press in Summer 2014.  Her work was featured in Best Travel Writing 2010 and has been published in multiple journals and magazines.

When she isn’t writing or leading your pre-college program, she loves to act, travel, follow rock bands, and burn toast.  (She can’t cook.)  Reading is so much a part of her person, it has ceased to be a hobby and now serves as a vital and constant life function, akin to breathing.  She has two grown children and two chihuahuas who think they are children.  She will never grow up.

She is delighted to be teaching for Blueprint for the first time this summer and can’t wait to help her students dive into their creative potential.  Bring yourself, a pen, and a sense of adventure because we are going to have fun!

To learn more about Tawni’s creative writing summer camp at UVA click here!