How Pre-College Programs Help Prepare Students for Life After High School

Everything about Blueprint is designed to get students ready for college.

No matter which program you attend, College and Career Success is at the core of every day. Our curriculum covers everything from filling out applications and writing essays, to figuring out how to pay for college, to getting along with your roommate once there, and so much more! And there’s the whole thing where you’re actually living on a college campus. But even the little things, like eating in the dining hall, going on road trips, and participating in evening activities are all purposefully crafted to develop those critical CCS skills you need to go in strong.

Good grades and high test scores are important to get into college, but there are many things you can’t learn in a classroom. Blueprint sets the stage for high school students to spend up to a couple weeks during their summer really preparing for college and career and test driving the college experience. Our Pre-College Immersion students even get to try out two potential majors through classroom instruction and hands on learning, while those who only have a few days available now have the opportunity to experience our CCS curriculum at our 4 Day Intensive.

Developing CCS Skills At our Pre-College Summer Immersion Program

Remember those “5 Must Have Skills For College Success”? Blueprint’s College and Career Success programs help you with each one!

Self Advocacy

One (or two weeks) without parents! What could be better right? At Blueprint, you can discover college on your own, but not alone. You’ll work with your instructors one-on-one. Meet new mentors. Explore campus with friends. BUT, our experienced staff will be there to support you. Every step of the way. You may be away from your normal support system of family and teachers, but you’ll be a member of our Blueprint family!

Time Management

You won’t have homework or many “to dos” at your pre-college program. We want to give you the experience of college without all the stress! You get enough of that during the year. But, you still have the freedom to manage yourself and make sure you get where you need to be, when you need to be there. Most afternoons, you’ll have a bit of free time. Do you go outside to play volleyball with friends? Or do you need some down time to relax? It’s yours to decide! And without a “bedtime,” you’ll also need to make sure you get enough rest to be active and participate in your courses and activities the next day.


Students will have opportunities for project-based learning. With the guidance of instructors, students will work together, developing communication skills, leadership and self-discipline. You will also participate in team building activities. You’ll problem solve, build trust and be a leader as you work with your new Blueprint friends.

Setting Goals

We know you can’t possibly be fully prepared for college after just a week or two of a summer program. CCS skills take time to develop. During Blueprint College and Career Success classes, our instructors will help you create your blueprint for success. You’ll walk away knowing the next steps you need to take, and when to take them. The follow through is up to you!

Respect & Acceptance

Blueprint encourages students from all backgrounds to attend our College and Career Success programs. Students from private, public, charter or homeschools. Students from all over the US, and all over the world. While at Blueprint, you get to make friends and interact with a very diverse group of students and staff. When coming to Blueprint alone, students often live with a roommate from a different state (or country!). They learn how to resolve any conflicts that arise, make friends in a new situation, and experience diversity.

So, Are You Ready To Develop Your CCS Skills?

You could spend this summer watching Netflix and laying around the house all day. OR you could take a week, or even two, and really prepare yourself for college, career, and life! Experience life on a college campus. Work on becoming college and career ready. Build a roadmap for success.

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