Missed the Deadline? College Admissions Decisions Are Still Being Made!


Senior year can be a blur for most students. It often seems like time is flying by and there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. High school can be extremely stressful at times, not to mention adding on the stress of college admissions. Though most college admissions decisions have already been made, it is not too late at some colleges if you are still looking to apply.

Maybe you were busy competing in your basketball team’s regional tournament and missed the deadline for applications. Maybe you were hoping to get in to your first choice college, but recently got a dreaded rejection letter. Or maybe you still just can’t seem to decide where you want to go in the fall. Whatever the reason, if you’re still looking at colleges to apply to, don’t worry! We have your back.

Colleges Still Making Admissions Decisions

Even towards the end of spring, there are many great schools still interested in finding the best students for their incoming freshman class. Recently, the National Association for College Admission Counseling released a list of colleges and universities who are still making admissions decisions and accepting applications.

Though most schools that make the list are smaller, private colleges and universities, there are actually quite a few larger public schools on the list as well. Just to name a few: Bowling Green State University, Cleveland State University, DePaul University, Oregon State University and Northeastern Illinois University made the list. If you’re interested in studying abroad, Kingston University in London and Macquarie University in Australia are also still accepting college applications.

2015 Colleges Still Accepting Applications

Don’t take this as a free pass to procrastinate!

“At this point it just becomes a matter of taking care of your business quickly. The sooner you make the decision to start the process, then you can get your admissions offer, you can start your financial aid process and then you can see what else you need to do.” – Cecilia Castellano, director of admissions at Bowling Green State University

Even colleges with rolling admissions do fill up their available spaces. Students interested in applying should do so earlier rather than later. Remember to take your time on the application and any additional essays. Even late college admissions decisions are still based on the strengths of the applicants that meet the college’s acceptance requirements.