Our Favorite Funky Scholarships

We introduce our pre-college students to all sorts of ways to finance their college education, but we definitely have a few favorite scholarships that stick out for their name…. specificity … or straight up weirdness?

The following is our top 5 list of of quirky ways to score college cash.

1. Potato Industry Scholarship
Can’t get enough spuds? Just love yourself some taters? How about fries, do you drown them in mayo or catsup?
Award: $5,000

2. Duck Tape Prom
If you’re good with tape, design and don’t mind wearing an unbreathable, slippery fabric to prom, this scholarship is for you. You make your duds, Duct Tape forks over the dough.
Award: $5,000


3. Fungi Funding
Are you a fun guy (or gal) like this dude? If you’re into mushrooms the Mycological Society of America Scholarship is for you. Into morels, chanterelles, king boletes or destroying angels?
Award: $2,000 and AWESOMENESS!



4. Klingon Academy Award
Star Trek, Star Trek Star Trek. If we haven’t lost you already you still have a chance. If you know the Klingon Language – and we’re being completely serious – you qualify for this scholarship.
Award: $500


5. Michigan Llama Association Scholarship
We’re just going to leave this one here for you to think about….
Award: $1000