Lehigh’s Pre-College RA

We’re over the moon that Renee is returning to Blueprint’s Pre-College Program in Pennsylvania this year!

Renee Bernier: The Blueprint Bio 2.0!
Renee holds a Bachelors degree in Sociology from Stonehill College, where she spent the last four years debating what she was meant to do in life. With her sights shifting from social work to guidance counseling to higher education, she knows one thing: she loves the idea of students wanting to further themselves after high school and knows that college is a great way to do that. Thus, she’s so glad she found Blueprint last summer-which is a great outlet for her to express those motivations with like-minded guys and gals- and will be returning for her second summer, at Lehigh!

The girls! - CopyThroughout her four years at school Renee also worked in an array of fields. For her work study job she was a math tutor with elementary school children at an inner-city school not far from campus, held down an administrative assistant intern position which turned into a part-time job at the Diocese of Fall River’s Office of Faith Formation working with youth and family ministry, and during the summers helped out with the local Community Autism Resources Chapter when they held summer social groups for children and teens who are on the Autism Spectrum.

However…she’s not all work and no play. In her spare time, which can sometimes seem scarce, Renee is an athlete, a baker, and a traveler…just to name a few!  Though she no longer participates in team sports, she knows what it means to sweat it out and has gotten into running thanks to her gym membership. And, when she’s not running she’s putting back on all those calories she’ll burn the next day. A baker at heart, Renee’s constantly looking for the next sweet thing to pop in the oven. Who knows, maybe this summer she’ll bring some of her sweet treats to campus! Finally, her heart is a wandering one and with adult life on the horizon, Renee’s looking to relocate to warmer climates and start this new and exciting phase of her life that she so fondly refers to as, “Big Girl Time.” Keep your eyes peeled for this little lady on Lehigh’s campus!

Join Renee this summer at Lehigh!

Renee The “Take-Aways”:

  • Baker of all things delicious
  • 2 Time Allstar Veteran Blueprint Resident Assistant
  • So ready to be wearing shorts and a smile :)

Renee on a Horse!