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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our “Jobs” page. We are pleased – delighted, thrilled, and ecstatic – that you have taken the time to learn more about what it means to work with us!

  • Our Staff

    For each campus, Blueprint hires its own skilled crew of directors, instructors, resident advisors and medical staff. Blueprint works tirelessly to coordinate with program school staff, scheduling activities, planning events and much more. Even our behind-the- scenes office workers strive to make your experience comfortable and convenient.

  • High Standards

    What sets Blueprint apart from other pre-college programs? It’s the staff. Really. We specialize in creating a wonderful community from all walks of life at every campus, every week, every summer. And we don’t leave anything to chance. Our standards are so high, our selection process so thoughtful, we simply sum it up like this: “Blueprint hires angels.”

  • Blueprint Hires Angels

    How do we define angels? As soon as you meet our staff, you’ll want to skip the handshake and go for a hug – they are that thoughtful, nice, fun, down-to-earth and personal. And they are the ones who make this experience such an incredible journey for every Blueprint student. You want cool, caring and awesome summer mentors this year? You’ll find them right here.

Here at Blueprint, we continually search for talented, gifted, kind, capable, energetic, fun, and giving people throughout the year. Our staff members carry out our values (Personal, Innovative, Fun, GR4C) and give our Blueprinter students the time of their lives!

If you are an individual who fits this description, please apply at the link/s below or feel free to contact our Human Resources Department.


Resident Advisors

Live on a beautiful college campus this summer and help make a difference in the lives students. Each summer, Resident Advisors provide fun activities for high school students from across the country with a friendly, comfortable, and personal experience.

  • Resident Advisor
    Under the direction of a Lead RA, Resident Advisors assist with organizing and supervising all residential life aspects and non-academic program activities, while providing a fun, safe and personal pre-college experience to all students. It is necessary for these individuals to serve as a caring, compassionate mentor and adult presence to all students at all times. In this role, you’d get to be a part of traditional Blueprint activities such as the Trashbag Fashion Show, Blueprint’s Iron Chef, Field Day, Open Mic, Yoga and many more! Apply now!
  • Lead Resident Advisor
    Lead RAs take on the activities! You’ll be managing and organizing all residential life aspects of the pre-college program and providing supervision, guidance and support to all RAs. Lead RAs are also expected to schedule and staff student activities while ensuring student safety and a positive summer camp experience, additionally serving as a mediator for residential life issues. If you are an exceptional leader and can think on your feet – we want to hear from you! Apply now!


Program Instructors teach one of our ten courses (or our signature college prep course!). In addition to being responsible for all day-to-day classroom functions, Program Instructors also live in residence halls alongside the students and participate in fun, non-academic activities after class.

  • Assistant Director of Academics
    Do you have experience managing teachers and/or working in a school administration? This might be the role for you! This position is responsible for “all things academic”, with the purpose of providing an exceptional educational experience for all students. You will also serve as an instructional coach, providing feedback and appropriate support to all academic staff. You are also expected to lead and facilitate a full day of College and Career Readiness – including set up and breakdown. Other responsibilities include sitting in on classes and providing a positive, supportive working environment for the on-site academic team. Apply now!
  • Program Instructor
    Our Program Instructors provide students with a one-of-a-kind, supportive and substantive learning opportunity: that is to study one of ten different subjects on a real college campus. Individuals in this role teach one course for a minimum of five hours per day, four days per week. Program Instructors provide engaging and rigorous lessons while offering high school students with the appropriate support, knowledge and encouragement to reach future goals. In addition, they are expected to assist in supervising all on-campus and off-campus activities, including student special events and road trips. Apply now
  • Teacher’s Assistant
    Get the best of both worlds with this position! You’ll help students get to class, assist in organizing classroom activities teaching designated course during the day, while supervising students and assisting with activities/end-of day procedures in the evening. This position requires you to think on your feet, effectively serve in a collaborative, team-oriented environment and engage all students in a way that inspires comfortable adjustment to life on a college campus and away from friends and family. Have a desire to pursue teaching? This is an opportunity to get in the classroom for some hands-on experience. Apply now!

Other Positions

  • Program Director
    Our outstanding Program Directors are responsible for all day-to-day on-site program management, including setup and breakdown. In this role, individuals supervise all program staff, delivering necessary support and guidance while managing comprehensive staff scheduling procedures and keeping fluid communication with Blueprint Headquarters and Customers. Duties include – conducting on-site staff orientation and training, organization and management of all on-site office and program administration, room reservations, shipping and receiving and special event organization. Program Directors are expected to facilitate a collaborative, positive, and professional environment, while inspiring and encouraging program staff to support Blueprint’s mission and values. If you are an experienced leader, with a can-do attitude and a sense of adventure, we want to hear from you! Apply now!
  • Health & Safety Manager
    With a compassionate and empathic nature, you will supervise the general health of our pre-college summer program students and staff, ensuring compliance with applicable health and safety standards and policies, specific to the site. Individuals in this role are responsible for maintaining regular Health Office hours, dispensing medication, providing first aid and taking the lead in care, oversight and documentation of illnesses and accidents. Apply now!

Want more information? E-mail your questions to hr@bpsummerprograms.com.

Staff Spotlight – Lauren Lamoly

Program Director – UVA

Lauren Lamoly is a through-and-through Bostonian returning for her third summer as a program director with Blueprint Summer Programs. She attended Lynchburg College in Virginia for her bachelor’s degree in English and San Diego State University for her masters in American Literature. Lauren taught composition, rhetoric, and literature at San Diego State University. She currently works as a high school English teacher in Lexington, Massachusetts, and will be reutrning to graduate school part time in the fall at Harvard Graduate School of Education. In her spare time, you can find her running on various bike paths in the Boston area, finagling her way onto the fields of professional sports teams, searching the area for a karaoke venue to share her talent with the locals, playing trivia, line dancing, painting pottery, or engaging in any competitive . . . anything. Lauren’s students inspire her to continue to learn something every day.

The best experience of my daughter’s life. Her words. Thank you!!

ParentGeorgetown University

By the second day we had each other laughing hysterically on our way back from the dining hall! I couldn’t believe how quickly we all became friends.

StudentLehigh University

I would HIGHLY recommend Blueprint to any family looking for a personal, high-value summer college experience.

ParentStonehill College

The staff is completely committed to making your experience the absolute best it can be. I highly recommend this program; it is truly amazing!

StudentStonehill College

“I’ve learned more about writing in this last week than I’ve learned through out my whole 3 years of high school.”

Student -
Student -Georgetown University

“Blueprint was an awesome program! The staff is wicked friendly, you get plenty freedom (as long as you are responsible), and the people I met are AMAZING!!!”

Student -
Student -George Washington