Head’s up UCLA Pre-College Writers

We’ve got a live one for you in Ms. Allen. Merridith rocked 2013 with Blueprint at GW and set her sites on the coast this summer. If you’re taking creative writing at UCLA this summer, buckle up!

Merridith Allen is a playwright, screenwriter, actress, martial artist, and yogini, which potentially qualifies her for a Jane-of-all-trades…she likes to think, anyway.  She is currently living in New York City, but enjoys traveling around the world as much as she possibly can.


Wait a second,,, is that...?

Wait a second,,, is that…?

As a writer, Merridith’s plays have seen productions at such venues as The Manhattan Repertory Theatre, The Provincetown Theater, New Georges Theatre space and Urban Stages.  Her play, “The House of Fallen Snow” was a finalist at The Strawberry One Act festival, and went on to become a film which placed second in The Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition.

Her short film, “Tunnel Vision” is a finalist in this year’s short film category in the same contest. She writes a fair amount of creative nonfiction and fiction, and likes to jump around the country going to (and teaching at) as many literary festivals as possible.

When she is not scribbling away, Merridith can be found in a dojo training, or teaching the Japanese martial art of Budo Taijutsu.

No, she will not fashion throwing stars or smoke bombs for you, but yes, she has about a hundred crazy stories she’ll happily share when asked.  Merridith is a certified yoga instructor, and is excited to bring her practice into her martial arts and writing life.

BPGW 161