Forensic Science Summer Camp

Blueprint Pre-College Summer Programs at Stonehill College – Meet Your Instructor!!!

About Christina Giovinazzo

BrazilChristina has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Syracuse University (Go Orange!). She combined Biology and Forensic Science courses, focusing on Pathology and Genetics. Christina stayed at Syracuse for a M.S. in Forensic Science which was completed in May 2013. As part of her research projects, Christina has studied the degradation and contamination of DNA, epigenetics, and did an internship in Forensic Psychiatry at the Onondaga County Justice Center.

Outside of studying crimes and criminals, Christina enjoys reading, playing cards and board games, and chilling with her pet rabbit, Kirby. She would like to start traveling much more now that she has finished her 6 years of school at Syracuse University. She has been to Brazil, and hopefully her next trip will be to Italy.

Christina is excited to return to Blueprint this year and plans to make the course very interactive, with hands on laboratories, courtroom trials, and even some crime scenes!

Be prepared for an amazing summer!
Biology Laboratory Instructor
SMART Grant Recipient, 2011
Chemical Hygiene Plan Awareness Certified