#FieldtripFridays – Blueprint @ Georgetown

You should know by now Blueprint prides itself on being three things. Personal. Innovative. And FUN! While learning can be fun (our instructors prove that every day!), sometimes you just need to get out of the classroom and off campus. So, every Friday, we’ll be taking a moment to tell you about our awesome trips! Each week we’ll highlight a different campus and share the places students will be going on our Wednesday and Super Sunday Field Trips.

Georgetown University | Washington, D.C.

Meeting new people and learning interesting things are a huge part of a fulfilling college experience. Bu,t so is getting off campus and experiencing the exciting things that make the surrounding area unique! Since Georgetown is located right in the heart of the nation’s capital, it’s just a hop, skip and bus ride away from famous museums, prestigious educational attractions AND thrilling roller coasters!


1st Wednesday Roadtrip – Six Flags America

After finishing that paper and cramming for that final exam, is there any better way to destress than laughing and screaming for joy on rides and roller coasters? Get a taste of how college students let loose at Six Flags America524 acres of thrill rides, roller coasters and attractions.

Zoom through the sky at 73 miles per hour on the “hypercoaster” SUPERMAN: Ride of Steel. Or immerse yourself in the exhilarating chaos of zombies and explosions on the standing coaster Apocalypse.

Roller coasters not your thing? Zip around in go-karts at the Big Easy Speedway or soar through the air on the flying carousel. This amusement park holds something for everyone and you’ll be spending the entire day there!

Super Sunday (Optional Trip) – D.C.’s History, Nature, Art Highlights

You can’t spend time in the nation’s capital without visiting some of its primary museums. These are what make Washington D.C. a popular, intellectual hub! We’ll start out at the National Museum of American History where you can see the exhibitions Artifact Walls – Frank Sinatra at 100 and Continuity and Change: Fifty Years of Museum History, as well as learn historical facts about the founding of America.

Then it’s off to the Zoo! Spend some time with 2 famous pandas and their new cub, Bei Bei. Did you know that about 25 percent of the animals at this 163-acre zoo are endangered? Along with being able to see these beautiful animals, you can learn about the Zoo’s conversation efforts and global research center.


So you’ve seen history. You’ve seen nature. What’s left? Art! The Smithsonian American Art Museum retains the first-ever collection of American art, a permanent collection representing more than 7,000 artists using various artistic mediums over centuries of time and shifting of artistic movements: Early America, Contemporary, Latino Art, Photography and so much more. After a day of museum perusing and animal watching there’s nothing better than a dinner of burgers and fries (or other scrumptious menu options) at Shake Shack.

4th Of July – Firework Show At The Lincoln Memorial

Where better to spend Independence Day than in the heart of America’s capital? And you can’t be in Washington D.C. for the 4th of July without witnessing the fireworks that celebrate the independence of the nation. Cardozo High School sits at one of the highest points in the city, with plenty of lawn space to hang out with your new friends while “oohing” and “ahhing” through the colorful fireworks display, set off near the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool.


2nd Wednesday Roadtrip – Washington, DC

Our last roadtrip will be a full day of education, culture, history and (of course) food and fun! Starting the morning off at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, wander through rooms filled with ancient plants, odd insects, jars of invertebrates and gaze upon the largest blue diamond in the world: The Hope Diamond. After a bite to eat at Potbelly Sandwich Shop, it’s on to George Washington University to see what life is like on another D.C. urban campus with an hour-long tour.

You’ve learned so much in just one morning. It’s now time to relax! The 10-acre Georgetown Waterfront park is unique in its informal design and has stunning views across the Potomac River. Get your toes wet in the iconic main entrance fountain. Stroll along the river or mediate on a bench. There’s even a labyrinth for you to get lost in, but don’t get lost for too long! After dinner at T.G.I. Friday’s, the day will wrap up with a nighttime Washington Walk tour.

It wouldn’t be a true pre-college experience without a little fun involved. We’ve created the perfect mix of work and play! Join us at Georgetown University this summer and join in the fun!