The FAQs from February!


We get loads of great questions from you about dorms, food, roommates ~ you name it. Here are the hits from the past month!

1. Can I take 2 courses?

A. This is a little known secret about your Blueprint program. The answer is yes, but for 2 week students only. In the registration system, after you choose your 2 week program you’ll have an opportunity to select a 2nd class if you want!

2. What’s the gender ratio of Blueprint students?

A. This year it’s right at 45% to 65% male/female. Some programs skew one way a bit more than the other, but generally you’re looking at 40/60, just like college.

3. Can I change classes after I register?

Absolutely, the most important thing is to reserve your bed in a program before it sells out. You can always change your class up until May 1st unless it’s already full.

4. What’s the most popular class?

If you look at all 8 programs combined, Forensic Science. If you look at individual programs, it’s Careers in Engineering at Lehigh. Right now we have 13 students and room for 5 more.

5. What’s the most popular program?

Right now Florida and Lehigh are tied, but the program that is going to sell out the fastest is Georgetown. As of today we only have 13 seats left in the one week program and 8 in the two week program.

6. Do students receive college credit for successful completion of Blueprint?

No. Blueprint is academically challenging, but designed to be low-stress. You guys have enough going on in the school year with SATs, APs, and GPAs. Blueprint: Personal, Innovative, Fun ~ no tests. Our students don’t ask “Will this be on the test?” they ask “Is this what college is going to be like?” And the answer is yes!

7.What’s your favorite photo from last summer?

A. Ack, unfair question! There are sooooo many good ones to choose from! Ok, here’s one. But here’s another one. And this one’s great too!