Frequently Asked Questions

Similar to deciding on a college to attend, choosing the right pre-college program can be a big decision. We’re here to help! Below is a list of the most common questions we receive regarding our pre-college programs. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please give our enrollment team a call at 877-415-1111 or e-mail [email protected]

General Program Questions

What sets Blueprint apart from other summer programs?

Blueprint partners with select colleges to provide students with the highest quality College and Career Success programs. Each program enjoys the full support of its partner-school, offering students the opportunity to explore life on campus.

What will I gain from the program?

Blueprint Summer Programs offers students the opportunity to truly prepare for success getting into and succeeding in college! You will be able to test-drive college life. Learn new material through one of our many exciting courses. Meet unique students just like you from all over the world. Get connected and inspired by our wonderful staff members. Develop some crucial college and career readiness skills. And truly gain a special and one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn in a hands-on and experiential way!

Will this help me get into college?

Pre-college programs have a bit of a common misunderstanding lurking around them, meaning – no pre-college summer program can guarantee you a spot at the university you are hoping to get accepted into. That was really never their purpose and we don’t want to misguide you in anyway. It is an experience to lay the foundation and get you ready for that next step in your life!

Now, with that being said, college admissions officers do look at how a student spends their summers and how prepared they are for college life – it can never hurt to feature a personal story on the common app about your time spent on campus at a pre-college summer program, detailing the skills you learned during your time with Blueprint.

How many weeks should I stay at the Pre-College Summer Immersion?

That’s up to you! We have many students enroll for either the 1 or the 2 week program so there will always be plenty of action.  If you stay for 2 weeks, you will dive deeper into the CCS curriculum and campus immersion through our CCS 201 and CCS 202 courses, where they will get a taste of various subjects that can be studied outside of their major. 

Are the programs all the same or do they vary by campus?

The programs are not the same; in fact, each program and campus possesses its own special personality and culture. Blueprint sets very high standards for each program and they all share several basic features, so you will get an awesome experience no matter which program you choose.
Find out what kind of college experience you think you would enjoy the most. If you live in New York City or Chicago, you can join us for our Saturday Series at Loyola or Marymount. If you are interested in learning more about College and Career Success in our 4 Day Intensive, check out our programs at Texas A&M, Cal State Fullerton and Northeastern. Or if you are looking for an immersive experience, filled with CCS and course exploration, check out our Pre-College Summer Programs.

Do most students attend the programs alone or with friends?

The majority of students do come alone, which is a fantastic way to practice a real college experience. But friends and family members are absolutely welcome and specific roommate requests are available during the registration process. Either way, we know you’ll have a great time!

Can International students attend?

Yes! Depending on citizenship, the most students need to attend Blueprint is a tourist Visa and be 14-18 years old. We also suggest students feel comfortable identifying as a B2 level english speaker or higher.

Can I commute to the program?

Yes! We do offer commuter options at each of our locations. For specifics on pricing and details, call our enrollment team at 877-415-1111.

Can someone pick me up at the airport?

Yes, each program maintains a designated airport where we offer full airport pick-up and drop-off service for our students. Students may request Blueprint’s Pick-Up/Drop-Off service during the online registration process for an additional fee of $99 each way.

Arrival times vary by campus, please check your welcome pack for details. Blueprint’s designated airports are:

  • Lehigh University: Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE) Bethlehem, PA
  • UCLA: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Los Angeles, CA
  • University of Florida: Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV) Gainesville, FL
  • University of Maryland: Ronald Reagan Washington National (DCA) Arlington, VA
  • University of Minnesota: Minneapolis – St Paul International (MSP) Minneapolis, MN
  • University of North Carolina: Raleigh-Durham International (RDU) Morrisville, NC
  • Texas A&M: Easterwood Airport (CLL) College Station, TX
  • California State: John Wayne Airport (SNA) Santa Ana, CA

Courses & Academics

How many courses can I take?

Students registering for a one week Pre-College Summer Program will choose two out of four major concentration courses to explore. Our two week students will dive deeper into the CCS curriculum and campus immersion through our CCS 201 and CCS 202 courses, where they will get a taste of various subjects that can be studied outside of their major. 

Will I receive college credit?

While our courses are academic in nature, we strive to eliminate as much stress as we can from our programs, which means no tests or homework. As a result, we cannot award college credit – only a rewarding experience!

I’m having trouble deciding on a course - What should I do?

No matter what course you choose, you will be gaining an invaluable experience as you get exposed to some true college realities. Our daily College and Career Success classes, which every Blueprint student attends, will give you a better understanding of what it means to plan for college and succeed. Reach out to our enrollment specialists at 877-415-1111 and they can help you choose the courses that are right for you!

Is there homework?

Our instructors do not assign homework nor do they test their students. We encourage students to learn for the joy of learning.

Student Life On Campus

What is a typical day at Blueprint?

We don’t do boring! Each program and campus will have its own unique experiences. There is no typical day at Blueprint. However, your student will have a personal, innovative and super-fun time as they gain real-life experiences with guidance that will actually prepare them for the college life.

Where will I sleep and eat?

Just like a real-life college student, our Pre-College Summer Immersion and 4 Day Intensive students will reside and eat on campus. Blueprint partners with our host universities to offer our students the best experience possible. You’ll stay in a college residence hall with other blueprint students and staff (female staff live on the girls’ floor/wing and male staff live on the boys’ floor/wing) and enjoy three meals a day at a campus dining hall. We believe on-campus immersion is an essential part of getting a true taste of college life and getting to know your host university! For school-specific information, please visit our website.

Will I have a roommate?

All students will be assigned a roommate. If you will need a private room, please contact our enrollment team at 1-877-415-1111. Roommates are carefully selected according to age and interests. For students planning to attend with a friend, Blueprint offers the option to make roommate requests during the online application process.

Should I bring any spending money?

For your time on campus and for extra spending money on road trips, we do recommend sending your student with $75 per week for souvenirs, snacks, and anything else they might want to buy during the program.

Do you have a cell phone or laptop policy?

Laptops are highly recommended for all students. General program guidelines govern laptop and cellphone usage during the program. And just like college, students are responsible for keeping track of their belongings.

What happens in the evenings after class?

In addition to dinner and some free time, evenings include scheduled activities so you can continue to have fun and engage with other students. Past activities have included relay races, movie nights, trash bag fashion shows, frisbee golf competitions and various sports and games.

Do students get any free time?

We like to keep our students pretty busy so there is minimal free time but, it does exist! We do offer optional activities during an hour or 2 block of the day. If you are beat and just wants to go chill out in the common area or take a nap in your room, you’re are free to do so! Now we also have mandatory blocks of activity times where student attendance is necessary, though at most programs students will have a choice of activities to choose from during those times. We like to prevent the inevitable home sickness as much as we can and we do that by keeping students active and engaged.

Are students allowed to leave campus?

Students are not allowed to leave campus unsupervised. However, if you have friends or family in the area who would like to “sign out” your student for a few hours to attend a dinner or other family-specific activity, then special arrangements can be made.

Registration & Tuition

What are the application requirements?

We work hard to create an accessible and low-stress environment for both our students and families. So that means no applications! You don’t have to submit transcripts, essays, or application fees. All you have to do is register.

Do you offer scholarships?

Every year, Blueprint offers discounts to organizations that work with underserved students to give them the opportunity to attend one of our pre-college programs. We currently do not offer scholarships to the general public. However, payment plans are available, which enable families to divide their balance into monthly installments. Just select the “payment plan” option during the online registration process.

If I register today, do I have to pay the full tuition up front?

All that is due upon registering is $500 for the Pre-College Summer Immersion or $250 for the 4 Day Intensive and Saturday Series. You may choose to pay the tuition in full at that point for a 2% discount. If you choose not to, you will be automatically enrolled in the payment plan option, which will divide your remaining balance into monthly installments that are automatically drafted on the 1st of every month, up until March (Saturday Series) or June Summer Immersion or 4 Day Intensive).

Safety & Supervision

How do you find your staff? What is the staff like?

We interview hundreds of applicants each year, and Blueprint staff members are the best and the brightest in their fields. Instructors include partner-school faculty, gifted graduate students, and talented professionals. Our national recruiting campaign draws people from across the country, ensuring that each team is comprised of experienced individuals dedicated to creating a safe and fun experience for every student.

What is the program safety and supervision?

When you get to a Blueprint program, you enter the blueprint bubble! This means that we make every effort to ensure every student’s physical and emotional safety at all times. Classes, seminars and all other activities are specifically and exclusively for blueprint students. Each program has a leadership team, health professional, instructors, and student mentors, to ensure a fun and safe environment. Students may explore campus during their free time, but must notify a staff member, bring a buddy with them, and check in at designated times.

The staff is completely committed to making your experience the absolute best it can be. I highly recommend this program; it is truly amazing!

StudentStonehill College

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her week at George Washington University! It was a wonderful experience.


Parent Georgetown University

Blueprint was the best part of my summer. It gave me a taste of college and helped me discover the type of college I would like to attend. I would not pass up a chance to do this program.