Pre-College Creative Writing

About Hebatullah Issa – All round superstar and Creative Writing Extraordinaire!

Hebatullah earned a Bachelors degree in Journalism from The Pennsylvania State University, where she worked on the university’s newspaper, radio and TV staff as a reporter.  She began pursuing her love for writing during her semester studying abroad, in 2008, at the University of Jordan, where she took an Arab Women Writers course. She was assigned to write a short story in the voice of an Arab woman; it was then she stumbled upon inspiration and found her voice as a writer.


For more information on Heba’s program:

She received her Masters degree from Dartmouth College in Liberal Studies, where she focused on Creative Writing and Cultural Studies. In fulfilment of her Masters degree, Hebatullah has written a manuscript chronicling her latest trip to the Holy Land. The manuscript was originally intended to academically study the Middle East water shortage crisis, however the creative writing side of her became inspired to tackle label formation, imposed identities, politics and discrimination through a creative lens.


Although she considers fiction short stories and non-fiction essays to be her forte, she is currently working on a theater script and enjoys dabbling in poetry. She has worked as a journalist, editor and ESL teacher. As an ESL teacher, she taught classes in Creative Writing and American culture to students from many different countries.  She currently works at Rutgers University as an Arabic Instructor and loves incorporating music, current events, social issues and observational workshops into her classroom.  She is most delighted to join the Blueprint staff and looks forward to an exciting summer.

Fun Facts:

  • If Heba could be any animal for a day, she’d be a dolphin.
  • She has an inexplicable fear of geese.
  • She calls soccer, football and football, American football.
  • Heba has lived in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts,  New Hampshire, Jordan,  and Israel/Palestine.Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 12.58.18 PM