8 Reasons To Attend Pre-College Programs!

Summer is right around the corner! With most high schools pushing through second semester, it’s easy to dream of pool lounging and Netflix binging. But, don’t give in to that temptation! (at least not entirely…)

Spend a couple weeks this summer on a college campus, getting ready for the upcoming years. If that doesn’t sound enticing enough, here are just 8 of the many reasons to attend pre-college programs (especially Blueprint!)

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How Pre-College Programs Help Prepare Students for Life After High School

Everything about Blueprint is designed to get students ready for college.

No matter which program you attend, College and Career Success is at the core of every day. Our curriculum covers everything from filling out applications and writing essays, to figuring out how to pay for college, to getting along with your roommate once there, and so much more! And there’s the whole thing where you’re actually living on a college campus. But even the little things, like eating in the dining hall, going on road trips, and participating in evening activities are all purposefully crafted to develop those critical CCS skills you need to go in strong.

Good grades and high test scores are important to get into college, but there are many things you can’t learn in a classroom. Blueprint sets the stage for high school students to spend up to a couple weeks during their summer really preparing for college and career and test driving the college experience. Our Pre-College Immersion students even get to try out two potential majors through classroom instruction and hands on learning, while those who only have a few days available now have the opportunity to experience our CCS curriculum at our 4 Day Intensive.

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Student Picks: 8 Best Moments Of 2015

Soon, we’ll get to see photos of all the awesome things planned for 2016. But first, we wanted to take a moment to look back at last year’s Blueprint students. After programs ended, we asked our students to vote on their favorite activities, trips and courses.

Students deconstructed a crime scene during Forensic Science, rode every roller coaster at Six Flags New England and had a blast with the best program staff we could find. We narrowed it down to each of your favorite moments!

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Blueprint Summer Programs Class of 2015

What an incredible summer of successful pre-college summer programs! We enjoyed getting to know each of our students and helping in their journey to get ready for college. Visit our Facebook or Instagram pages for more highlights from this summer’s pre-college programs.

Interested in joining us next summer? Request a brochure today and be one of the first to receive information about 2016!

Blueprint Summer Programs’ 2015 Students

Blueprint @ Emory Class of 2015

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2015 Super Sunday Fieldtrips

College isn’t all about academics. When deciding on where to go for higher education, the surrounding town and local activities can be a prime factor in the final decision. During Blueprint’s pre-college summer programs, we want to give you an opportunity to experience college life apart from academia. For students participating in the 2-week programs, this means offering an optional field trip on the Sunday after the first week. For each campus, we look at the best activities the surrounding area has to offer. Check out this year’s Sunday field trips. If you didn’t sign up during registration, just let us know you want to join in on the fun and we will get it added to your account!


Emory – Shoot the Hooch

Students will take a 3 ½ + hour tubing trip down the Chattahoochee River. There are islands that can be explored, rocks and bridges to navigate around. Tubes can be connected, or you can travel individually. Bring water shoes, sunglasses, glasses strap, and a hat. (It’s recommended that girls wear a sports bra or t-shirt, as there will be a lot of movement that swimsuits may not always cover.)


Georgetown – Nationals Games

Nationals Park is equipped with state-of-the-art video and audio technology, including a 4,500 square foot high-definition scoreboard. In addition, the new ballpark features a variety of entertainment and fan-interactive alternatives to ensure a compelling and engaging game entertainment experience.The ballpark’s design and construction exceeded the target of a “certified” Green Building, and actually received the United States Green Building Council’s even more environmentally-friendly “Silver Status”. Great Moments in Nationals History: Debut Game | Stephen Strasburg Bobblehead. Dinner at Chipotle Restaurant.


University of Florida – St. Augustine Beach/Anastasia State Park

Visiting the Beach is a student favorite during Blueprint's pre-college programs

Explore an archaeological site where coquina rock was mined to help construct the nearby Castillo de San Marcos National Monument. The Ancient Dunes Nature Trail loops through a shaded maritime hammock while meandering through the ancient dunes. Geocaching is an outdoor game using hand-held global positioning systems (GPS) devices. It’s effectively an inexpensive, interactive, high-tech treasure hunt that’s a great way to learn geography. If none of these activities are appealing, you can simply play in the water and lay on the beach.


Stonehill – Chatham, MA – Cape Cod

Points of interest include:  Chatham Lighthouse, Chatham Fish Pier, Chatham Fisherman’s Monument, Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, Atwood House Museum, Godfrey Windmill. Spend the day on the beach sunning and swimming. The Chatham Marconi Maritime Center houses some fascinating artifacts and exhibits relating to Guglielmo Marconi, wireless communication and the Titanic.


Lehigh – Dutch Springs Aqua Park

Spend the day swimming and sunning at the lake. There are loads of huge inflated water toys that offer a wide variety of bouncing, sliding, and other activities in the water.


UCLA – Runyon Canyon

Taking in the view of downtown LA during Blueprint's pre-college summer program at UCLA

Runyon Canyon Trail is a 3.5 mile loop trail located near Los Angeles, California that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking & trail running. Great views of the city and ocean. You may even spot celebrities visiting the park. The park gives a great view of DTLA and the Hollywood sign.


Tufts – Salem Witch Museum and Willows – Salem  Ferry

Take a trip on a ferry across Boston Harbor to the historic town of Salem.  Live guides take you through changing interpretations of witches, the truth behind the stereotypes, witchcraft practice today and the frightening phenomenon of witch hunting.The main presentation is based on actual trial documents. Visitors experience the drama of that dark time though thirteen life-size stage sets, figures, lighting and a stirring narration as they are witness to the web of lies and intrigue of the Salem Witch Hunt. If you need a pick me up after the museum, you will enjoy the arcade and rides at Salem Willows.



University of Virginia – Kayak Richmond

This is a great introduction to kayaking!  Our KAYAK 101 course is for the person looking to begin recreational or flat water kayaking.  The lesson takes place on slow-moving water which allows for calm and comfortable paddling conditions.  This is a great experience for those interested in fundamental paddling skills.  This course will include a land-based introduction and safety briefing, on-water instruction and a couple of hours on the river. Kayak, paddle and life jacket included! This is a great paddling opportunity for all ages and abilities!

The FAQs from February!


We get loads of great questions from you about dorms, food, roommates ~ you name it. Here are the hits from the past month!

1. Can I take 2 courses?

A. This is a little known secret about your Blueprint program. The answer is yes, but for 2 week students only. In the registration system, after you choose your 2 week program you’ll have an opportunity to select a 2nd class if you want!

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The Importance of Thank You Notes for Teens

Blueprint never stops hiring. Finding the best people on the planet for your summer program is a 24/7/365 gig. The search for talent never, ever, stops over here.

And it’s exhausting, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun too. You meet amazing people every day that believe in the power of pre-college summer programs and helping students take the next step to college.

And it works for us. When you keep an open mind and your ear to the tracks you find shockingly educated, fun, and caring Program Directors like Vicki, Psychology Instructors like Cait and RAs like Anna every week.

But as cutting edge as we are, there’s something old school about Blueprint.

If you don’t write a thank-you note, some companies won’t hire you, including Blueprint!

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The Best Programs for “Seniors”

True Story: On Monday I received a call from a 73-year-old woman in Atlanta looking for summer programs for Seniors. Naturally, I began to ask her this, and a little about that… to try and help her figure out if Blueprint pre-college summer programs were a good fit for her student. Just a normal phone call here, right? Nope.

After a few moments of careful listening, this Senior gently corrected me that she wasn’t looking for a pre-college summer program for her granddaughter or even her daughter … she was looking for a summer program for herself… Whoops!

Not That Type of Pre-College Summer Program

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Head’s up UCLA Pre-College Writers

We’ve got a live one for you in Ms. Allen. Merridith rocked 2013 with Blueprint at GW and set her sites on the coast this summer. If you’re taking creative writing at UCLA this summer, buckle up!

Merridith Allen is a playwright, screenwriter, actress, martial artist, and yogini, which potentially qualifies her for a Jane-of-all-trades…she likes to think, anyway.  She is currently living in New York City, but enjoys traveling around the world as much as she possibly can.


Wait a second,,, is that...?

Wait a second,,, is that…?

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