Top 7 Ways to Get a School’s Attention

Today we are very lucky to have a guest post from the CEO of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, Mark Sklarow. The IECA is a a not-for-profit, international professional association representing experienced independent educational consultants. To learn more about the IECA and how they can help with your college search please visit

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For far too many students and parents, the college search is about “getting in.” The sole focus is on how to get accepted to the toughest and most exclusive school that will accept you. “Why sell yourself short?” asks a well-meaning friend when a top student indicates a desire to go to some lesser-known liberal arts college.

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Upcoming SAT and PSAT Dates

Hundreds of thousands of high school students will be taking the SAT this Saturday.

And while it’s too late to register for that test you still have time to register for the SAT proper or the Subject tests. Want the PSAT? Don’t sweat it, they don’t come around until Wednesday October 15th and Saturday October 18th…


SAT 2014
Registration Deadline: April 4th
Test Date: May 3rd

Registration Deadline: May 9th
Test Date: June 7th

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Our Favorite Funky Scholarships

We introduce our pre-college students to all sorts of ways to finance their college education, but we definitely have a few favorite scholarships that stick out for their name…. specificity … or straight up weirdness?

The following is our top 5 list of of quirky ways to score college cash.

1. Potato Industry Scholarship
Can’t get enough spuds? Just love yourself some taters? How about fries, do you drown them in mayo or catsup?
Award: $5,000

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60 Best Colleges for Food

The Daily Meal is a great resource for food so… why not pick their brains for college food?

Most people don’t know that most colleges outsource their meals to companies like sodexo, aramark – better known for their contracts with prisons and nursing homes – that’s right you could go from cradle to college to prison to nursing home being fed by the same billion dollar company. Gross?

Anyway, we think you’d be hard pressed to find that any of the schools below use these companies (but we could be wrong!). Here’s the Daily Meals list of the top 60 schools for grub!

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Practice the SAT @ Blueprint

We’re very excited to announce we have struck up a partnership with The Princeton Review that will give Blueprint students enrolling in the one or two week programs at George Washington University or Stonehill College the opportunity to practice the SAT during week one of their program!

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