How To Prepare Homeschool Students For College

As children approach high school age families begin to seriously consider options for college. For the approximately 1.5 million families who choose to homeschool, college readiness is often a concern that leads to families deciding to enroll students in a public or private high school.

The need for college readiness does not take away homeschooling as an option for high school students. There are many options available, both online and in person, for high school homeschoolers to prepare for the academic and self-management aspects of higher education.

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend Pre-college Programs

 best summer pre college programs

Summertime. Long days splashing around in the lake, taking road trips with the family and hanging out with your friends. No school work, no stress of academics. Who would want to spend their free time attending a pre-college summer program? Working on college applications and spending 5 hours a day in a classroom? That sounds boring and basically just like school.

If this was your first thought, I don’t blame you. Some pre-college programs have given us all a bad reputation. Sure they can help expose you to college courses and you get to live on campus. But who wants to spend their summer doing what they can do once they’re already in college? Pre-college programs are only for the big nerds applying to schools like Harvard or Yale. Right?

Now that’s where you’d be wrong. Pre-college summer programs offer so many benefits to every high school student. Instead of your usual summer camp, a pre-college program gets you on campus to experience college life while developing skills you’ll need to succeed. They can also help you get a head start on college readiness. And if you pick the right one, you’ll have a blast doing it!

So what are these magical benefits I speak of? Let’s go over just a few…

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5 Worst Reasons to Attend a Pre-College Summer Program

Attending a pre-college summer program is a great way for high school students to prepare for the transition to college. Are pre-college programs really worth it?

Attending a pre-college summer program is a great way for high school students to prepare for the transition to college. Experience life on campus. Test drive a future major. Meet students from all over the world. Develop skills to succeed. Pre-college programs help students get ready for college in a number of ways!

In speaking to parents and students interested in pre-college summer programs, one question I always ask is “what interests you about attending a pre-college program?”

Every student arrives to a pre-college program for their own reasons – just make sure you’re attending for the right reasons. The list below is a brief overview of the worst reasons I’ve heard for attending a pre-college summer program.

If any of the 5 below apply to you (or your family), we suggest that you take another look at your summer plans and reconsider.

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What You Need To Know Before Going To College

Learning the college admissions process. Determining the best way to study for tests. Figuring out how to get along with a roommate. These are all things high school students (hopefully) learn before heading off to college. But what about everything else? Those things that will make your college experience 10x better, but aren’t as common to talk about.

We recently asked Blueprint alumni what every high schooler needs to know about college. Here’s their advice:

10 Things Every High Schooler Needs to Know

1. Enjoy the college selection process

Now is not the time to go with the flow or get peer-pressured into attending a college you don’t love. Though you may be inclined to follow your best friend wherever they decide to go, it’s more important to choose exactly the right college for you. Choosing the right college now will save you four years or more of dissatisfaction, so be a savvy consumer! Do your research, visit your top choices and get a feel for life on campus with a pre-college summer program.

2. You should get a job

Yes, college is your job. But working while managing your college classes gives you valuable time management skills that future employers will notice. There’s no need to obsess over finding the “perfect” job – just do something that gets you out of the college bubble. You’ll make friends, learn how to manage your time and appreciate the value of a dollar.

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Make Your College Application Stand Out With These 5 Tips

Getting accepted into college involves a combination of following the right steps and ensuring you’ve chosen a good fit. This choice will affect the next four years (and the rest) of your life. Where you live. Friends you make. Relationships you build. Career options you have. It all is impacted by the college you attend.

With a decision this big, it’s important to be prepared! Educate yourself about your options, take advantage of pre-college summer programs and create a list of your top choice colleges. Then, do your best to ensure that your top choice colleges will accept you when it is time to apply! Read more

CCR Checklist For High School Students

It’s never too early to start thinking about and planning for college. Though the end of sophomore/beginning of junior year is when most students start to get serious about college admissions, there are plenty of things to do even as you begin high school!

Ever wonder what you should be doing in 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade to be getting ready for college? When should you narrow down your top picks? What summer is best for college visits?

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How Pre-College Programs Help Prepare Students for Life After High School

Everything about Blueprint is designed to get students ready for college.

No matter which program you attend, College and Career Success is at the core of every day. Our curriculum covers everything from filling out applications and writing essays, to figuring out how to pay for college, to getting along with your roommate once there, and so much more! And there’s the whole thing where you’re actually living on a college campus. But even the little things, like eating in the dining hall, going on road trips, and participating in evening activities are all purposefully crafted to develop those critical CCS skills you need to go in strong.

Good grades and high test scores are important to get into college, but there are many things you can’t learn in a classroom. Blueprint sets the stage for high school students to spend up to a couple weeks during their summer really preparing for college and career and test driving the college experience. Our Pre-College Immersion students even get to try out two potential majors through classroom instruction and hands on learning, while those who only have a few days available now have the opportunity to experience our CCS curriculum at our 4 Day Intensive.

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Why Get Involved? The Benefits Of Extracurriculars

What you do outside of the classroom is just as important (if not more so!) than what you do in class. It’s that time spent on things other than academics that is crucial for a student’s well-being and development. After all, what good is a straight A student when you never developed the emotional maturity to handle all the challenges life is about to throw you?

College Admissions Offices emphasize the importance of being well-rounded. There will be 100s of students just like you with good grades and high test scores. Have something that makes you stand out besides academics. But beyond that, what good is it to get involved in a few extracurriculars?

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5 Must Have Skills For College Success

While in high school, students and parents both spend a lot of time and energy navigating the admissions process. Ensuring their scores are high, their interests are varied. They’ve researched potential careers and majors. And selected the perfect college. So much focus is given to getting accepted to the right college, but many fail to focus on ensuring students are able to succeed once they get there.

Most people assume that upon graduation of high school, students will be prepared to go on to college. They passed the classes, have an acceptable (if not excellent) GPA, and even received a few different acceptance letters! That means they’re ready, right?

Not necessarily…

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SAT or ACT: Your Guide On How To Decide

Required by nearly every American college and the bane of a high school student’s existence. At some point, typically during your junior year, you’re going to have to make the decision. Do you take the SAT or ACT? Or are you so indecisive that you just say forget it and take both?

Both are accepted by most colleges. Both have optional essays. Both measure competencies in Math, Reading and English. And with recent edits to the SAT, they are now more similar than ever!

First things first…is one better than the other? Not really (though some may disagree). When deciding between and studying for the ACT or SAT, it really comes down to personal preference. There may not be a best choice overall, but there likely is a best choice for you.

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