Ten Things College Admissions Officers Don’t Want to Talk About

This is a great list compiled by MarketWatch.com. Each link rolls through to an explanation:

1. Not all grades are created equal

2. We don’t trust your essay

3. We’re having second thoughts about the SAT

4. Obsessing over class ranking? That’s adorable

5. It pays to make nice with your teacher

6. We only sound exclusive

7. Politics may determine whether you get in

8. We’d rather admit someone who can pay full price

9. We need you more than you need us

10. Just because you get admitted doesn’t mean you’ll stay admitted

250 Good Colleges Still looking for Students

For those of you still looking for a great college, NACAC just released a list of over 250 schools that did not hit their admissions targets.

You may still have time to get these colleges your FAFSA and CSS Profile aid form information and qualify for some need-based aid, or possibly land a significant tuition discount or merit aid award. If other colleges seemed too expensive, the ones on this list, at this point in the enrollment process, may surprise you as to how affordable they may be.

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What is More Important in College Admission, Grades or SAT Scores?

By Janet Rosier, Independent Educational Consultant, www.janetrosier.com


High school students and their parents are inundated with advice about college admissions. Everyone you speak to, it seems, has a theory on what is the most important factor in a student’s chance of being admitted to FirstChoice University.

It is high SAT scores. It is being an athlete. It is community service. It is leadership. It is showing your passion. It is a wonderfully written essay. It is diversity. It is your major. It is the GPA.


Grades? SATs? Athletics? All of the above ~ get a plan and don’t get bogged down!

The answer is—all of the above. With a caveat. The caveat is that almost nothing will be more important in the admissions decision than your transcript; your grades within your curriculum comprise the most important factor.

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College Admissions: Acceptance V. Yield

So there’s this number out there that pretty much everyone in college admissions obsesses over. Their Acceptance rate. The acceptance rate is the percentage of students who apply to a school who are then accepted. Pretty simple? Not so fast.

Check out The Choice’s breakdown of college acceptance rates. Did you know 51% of the students who apply to the University of Wisconsin in Madison are accepted? I didn’t.

On the other side of the coin you have the Yield of a college. The Yield is the percentage of accepted students who then choose to enroll. Read more