Pro Tip: Decrease Your Number of College Applications

How many colleges should I apply to?

Truthfully, there’s no right or wrong answer to this question. Each case and student is completely different. Each college is different. And how they want to craft each class of students varies from year to year.

What doesn’t change too much is the basic strategy for applying to colleges: an even ratio of reach, match and safety schools is the prescription for all student’s college admissions woes.

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How To Save Money On College Campus Visits

You already know how important college campus visits are for making the final decision about what school to attend, but with so many options, visiting each one can put a serious dent in your wallet. Especially when considering colleges far from home, the cost of airfare, rental car, meals, and more can add up. However, there are some things you can do to save money on college visits; there are even some colleges that will pay you to come visit!

Budget Tips to save money on college visits

Reduce travel costs

Though most people know to check Kayak or Priceline for good deals on flights, there are actually some websites that offer discounts specifically for students. Check out STA Travel and Student Universe. You should also start asking around and connect with friends or other students interested in similar schools. Having a few more people to split the cost of gas and hotel rooms with can help lower your travel costs.

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How To Decide Where To Apply To college

Blueprint offers many resources about how to impress college admissions advisors:  take challenging classes, maintain a high GPA, rock your standardized tests and fill your schedule with extracurriculars.

But how do you decide which college admissions advisors you want to impress?

It’s time to take a look at the schools that make up your top five list and decide where to apply to college. Developing your personal list of top choice colleges and universities is a critical step in the college admissions process. Filling out applications, writing all those essays, takes a lot of time (and can get quite costly!) Narrowing down where you want to apply will create less of a burden on your time and wallett!

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Make Your College Application Stand Out With These 5 Tips

Getting accepted into college involves a combination of following the right steps and ensuring you’ve chosen a good fit. This choice will affect the next four years (and the rest) of your life. Where you live. Friends you make. Relationships you build. Career options you have. It all is impacted by the college you attend.

With a decision this big, it’s important to be prepared! Educate yourself about your options, take advantage of pre-college summer programs and create a list of your top choice colleges. Then, do your best to ensure that your top choice colleges will accept you when it is time to apply! Read more

Finding The Right Fit: Types Of Colleges And Universities


By Janet Rosier, Independent Educational Consultant,

When I begin working with a high school student to start the college search and application process, I ask a lot of questions. This helps me learn more about my students- their strengths and areas where they may be less confident, their hopes and dreams and aspirations. This also gets the students thinking about things they may not have thought much about before, including the different types of colleges and universities available to them.

Students are fortunate to have over 2000 four-year colleges and universities in the US from which to apply!  However, some types of colleges may be more suitable for some individual personalities and learning styles. To find your fit, it helps if you know a little about what your choices may include.

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5 Last Minute Tips For College Applications

College Applications

It’s that time of year again…college application time!

It all comes down to this moment. You have worked for 13+ years, studying, making good grades and joining clubs just for this! You can see the finish line ahead, but yet…you’re not quite there.

It’s not time to slack off, but it’s also not time to panic!

Though many elite colleges have already closed their application deadlines, the majority of schools have due dates starting on January 15. While (hopefully) you have already asked for recommendation letters and are just putting final touches on your essays, there are still a few steps left before you can hit the submit button.

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Missed the Deadline? College Admissions Decisions Are Still Being Made!


Senior year can be a blur for most students. It often seems like time is flying by and there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. High school can be extremely stressful at times, not to mention adding on the stress of college admissions. Though most college admissions decisions have already been made, it is not too late at some colleges if you are still looking to apply.

Maybe you were busy competing in your basketball team’s regional tournament and missed the deadline for applications. Maybe you were hoping to get in to your first choice college, but recently got a dreaded rejection letter. Or maybe you still just can’t seem to decide where you want to go in the fall. Whatever the reason, if you’re still looking at colleges to apply to, don’t worry! We have your back.

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Preparing for College Admissions Interviews

By Anne M. Richard, Independent Educational Consultant,

It can be difficult to find the right college, as at first glance they can all appear the same. They all offer a multitude of majors, have faculties of talented scholars who teach interesting courses and provide students opportunities to become involved in a myriad of student organizations, sports teams and public service activities. However, each college has its own unique atmosphere and spirit. Just as there is not a prototype student who will excel at every college, not every college is the right place for every student.

Focus on fit

You must choose the institution that is the best fit – not only in terms of course offerings and student activities, but also in terms of setting, philosophy and culture.

Likewise, from among thousands of applicants who have strong academic records, impressive extra-curricular activities and high SAT/ACT scores, colleges want to select students who will easily fit into and contribute to their communities. Thus enters the college interview process.

At some schools, interviews with admissions officers or alumni are by invitation only; at others, you may request and schedule an interview. In either case, the college admissions interview can make or break your application.

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10 Questions to Ask on a College Campus Tour


When I started looking at colleges in 2008, I went to 3 college fairs, completed multiple searches on and visited over 10 colleges. However, the deciding moment came when I stepped on the Quad at Gardner-Webb for a college campus tour. We weren’t even 5 minutes in to the tour, had only visited the admissions building. Just walking around the campus and hearing the tour guide talk about her freshman, I knew I wanted to go there.

The college tour can make or break your decision

Just as I knew Gardner-Webb was the college I wanted to go to, visiting Flagler College had the complete opposite effect for me. The energy and atmosphere just didn’t fit for me. I knew it right away.

Looking at a college’s brochure, website, Princeton review or fast facts sheet can be very helpful. But, being able to get on campus and experience college life for yourself is the ultimate test.

Visiting a college campus allows you to see what life could be like: the type of friends you could make, the exciting classes you could take, the intramural sports you could play. It’s all there.

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Now You Can See What Your College Admissions Officers Said About You

spyvsspySince 1974, you’ve been able to legally request and receive a college’s notes on your application.

The only thing? Nobody really knew it until about a week ago.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 requires schools to hand over admissions documents within 45 days of receiving the request for information. That’s right, all the notes, scoring and comments a college admissions person put on your file, you can read them. Go right ahead.

Didn’t get into NYU with a 3.5 GPA and a 32 ACT? Find out why!

Want to smash your fingers with a hammer while sitting on a hot stove? Go right ahead!
Retroactively, this could be seen as a form of masochism. You really don’t need to know why Duke rejected you in 3 years ago. Really, you don’t.

But here’s the deal. Stanford’s student run paper the Fountain Hopper recently fired off an email to its readers with details on how to go about requesting admissions information from the university.

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