Active Learning

Unlike the passive lectures most university students endure, all of our classes are small seminars, which focus on discussion, debate, and collaborative work sessions. This fully active learning approach stimulates deep cognition, enhancing your understanding of course material and furthering your ability to apply concepts to unfamiliar situations in novel ways.

How is the Blueprint x Minerva program different from other online pre-college programs?

The key differences that distinguish Accelerator include:

  • Rigorous curriculum based on the science of learning
  • Accomplished faculty focused on student instruction
  • Small courses with fewer than 25 students
  • Advanced, interactive learning environment

What makes our curriculum distinctive?

  • The curriculum was intentionally structured to teach both breadth and depth demanded by the constantly evolving world, emphasizing on four core skills:  thinking critically, thinking creatively, communicating effectively, and interacting effectively. By exposing students to interdisciplinary subject matter and continuously reinforcing key habits of mind and foundational concepts, we teach a broad and adaptable set of skills and knowledge, applicable to any field. Depth of learning occurs in all of our courses.

What makes the interactive learning environment better than a traditional classroom?

  • Minerva’s Forum™ platform uses the latest advancements in information technology to provide an engaging class experience that is unmatched. Live, video-based seminars enhance student-to-professor and peer-to-peer interactions by ensuring that everyone is visibly engaged and actively participating.
  • Forum™ also facilitates numerous rapid mode changes, including moving from full group discussion to smaller breakout groups, one-on-one and team debates, collaborative document sharing and editing, as well as dynamic polling and real-time simulations. The platform’s asynchronous tools provide powerful capabilities for students and professors alike, by enabling deeper and more frequent data-rich feedback, schedule and assignment management, and searchable review of prior class footage.

What makes our courses better than other online or virtual courses?

  • Our classes focus on building skills and understanding — not mere information dissemination. Cognitive and behavioral research documents that students learn most effectively when actively engaged with the subject matter — a learning approach that large lectures or other passive forms of teaching do not facilitate.
  • Our small class size of fewer than 25 students — coupled with Forum™’s advanced technology, enables professors to provide expert instruction, direct personal interaction, and frequent feedback, simultaneously ensuring that every student is an active class participant.

Strategic Learning & Growth

Good Decision Making Has Never Been More Important

This is a rigorous, curriculum-based course that instills a growth mindset by focusing on the science of learning and providing tools for students to reflect, plan, and act in ways that will allow them to learn new skills and reach goals more effectively.

Expressive Clarity

The Power To Persuade Is The Power To Lead

Students develop an understanding of why great communication is a critical skill required for a successful future both in college and in life.  Rather than just focusing on essay skills, this course focuses on fundamental communication concepts like intentional messaging, sentence structure and word choice.

Expressive Clarity International

The Power To Persuade Is The Power To Lead

This version of our Expressive Clarity class is offered at a more friendly time for international students and includes the same great curriculum as our US focused version. English fluency is required for both oral and written communications. 

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