Blueprint Accelerator

Blueprint’s new offering is powered by Minerva’s proprietary curriculum and technology platform, Forum™. The program uses the latest advances in curriculum design and information technology to provide an unparalleled virtual classroom experience. Live seminars, interactive discussions, real-time polling, enhanced debates and rapid breakout groups create an immersive learning environment where every student is visibly engaged and actively learning.

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Strategic Learning & Growth

Good Decision Making Has Never Been More Important

This is a rigorous, curriculum-based course that instills a growth mindset by focusing on the science of learning and providing tools for students to reflect, plan, and act in ways that will allow them to learn new skills and reach goals more effectively.

Expressive Clarity

The Power To Persuade Is The Power To Lead

Students develop an understanding of why great communication is a critical skill required for a successful future both in college and in life.  Rather than just focusing on essay skills, this course focuses on fundamental communication concepts like intentional messaging, sentence structure and word choice.

Expressive Clarity International

The Power To Persuade Is The Power To Lead

This version of our Expressive Clarity class is offered at a more friendly time for international students and includes the same great curriculum as our US focused version. English fluency is required for both oral and written communications. 

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