Why Blueprint Pre-College Summer Programs

We love talking with you and a dozen times a day we get calls from parents asking about Blueprint pre-college summer programs. Is a class full? What is supervision like? Should I stay for 1 week or 2? All valid questions, but our all time favorite question is: Why Blueprint? This is our favorite question […]

Top 7 Ways to Get a School’s Attention

Today we are very lucky to have a guest post from the CEO of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, Mark Sklarow. The IECA is a a not-for-profit, international professional association representing experienced independent educational consultants. To learn more about the IECA and how they can help with your college search please visit iecaonline.com For far […]

Pre-college Creative Writing at GW

We hope you can join Blueprint at GW for this awesome pre-college program. This summer let Curtis lead you through everything from poetry to micro-fiction. See his bio below this  pre-college creative writing course is the place to be! Curtis Perdue | Teacher, Poet, Editor, Surfer

Notes from the Nurse: OTC/Emergency Medications

At Blueprint, our number one priority is the safety of all students enrolled in our pre-college programs. We want to ensure a wonderful experience and keeping everyone healthy and feeling good is a key factor to doing so. Though some students have daily medications, even more students have medications, both prescriptions and over the counter […]

Upcoming SAT and PSAT Dates

Hundreds of thousands of high school students will be taking the SAT this Saturday. And while it’s too late to register for that test you still have time to register for the SAT proper or the Subject tests. Want the PSAT? Don’t sweat it, they don’t come around until Wednesday October 15th and Saturday October 18th… […]

Our Favorite Funky Scholarships

We introduce our pre-college students to all sorts of ways to finance their college education, but we definitely have a few favorite scholarships that stick out for their name…. specificity … or straight up weirdness? The following is our top 5 list of of quirky ways to score college cash. 1. Potato Industry Scholarship Can’t […]

60 Best Colleges for Food

The Daily Meal is a great resource for food so… why not pick their brains for college food? Most people don’t know that most colleges outsource their meals to companies like sodexo, aramark – better known for their contracts with prisons and nursing homes – that’s right you could go from cradle to college to […]

What Alumni are Saying about Blueprint Pre-College Summer Programs

Top 5 Quotes From Parents and Students A lot of people mash up the terms pre-college summer programs or summer programs for high school students, but for the most part they are one in the same. If you’re a guidance counselor, most likely you’re going to use the term “pre-college summer program.” So today I […]

Endowment Data 2013

Just this Tuesday NACUBO released its 2013 report of institutional financial integrity. Overall, college endowments grew at a clip of 11% after suffering average losses last year. Click on the image below for the full PDF of all colleges/universities.

Pre-College Creative Writing

About Mae Ramirez | Writer, Educator, Performer, and Creative Activist Mae Ramirez holds an MFA in Creative Writing and a BA in English Education from California State University, Long Beach. She has designed and led writing workshops at high schools and colleges across Southern California and co-found ¡DUENDE! Long Beach, a grassroots community arts organization […]