#FieldtripFridays – Blueprint @ UMich

You should know by now Blueprint prides itself on being three things. Personal. Innovative. And FUN! While learning can be fun (our instructors prove that every day!), sometimes you just need to get out of the classroom and off campus. So, every Friday, we’ll be taking a moment to tell you about our awesome trips! […]

Assessing The New SAT (& Upcoming Test Dates!)

On March 5, SAT debuted its latest and most drastic redesign in 10 years. The more intensive reading sections and increased number of word problems in the math section had many students worried. But there was good news: no more penalty for guessing and the essay is no longer required, but optional. After taking the updated SAT, […]

Should I Take AP Or Dual Enrollment Courses?

By Dr. Tracy Jackson, Supervisor of Counseling and Guidance. Follow her on twitter or on her blog: The Extraordinary School Counselor! Its course request time! In many high schools across America this time of year is all about selecting courses for next school year. One common question I hear is should I take Advanced Placement (AP) courses […]

Finding The Right Fit: Types Of Colleges And Universities

By Janet Rosier, Independent Educational Consultant, www.janetrosier.com When I begin working with a high school student to start the college search and application process, I ask a lot of questions. This helps me learn more about my students- their strengths and areas where they may be less confident, their hopes and dreams and aspirations. This also […]

5 Last Minute Tips For College Applications

It’s that time of year again…college application time! It all comes down to this moment. You have worked for 13+ years, studying, making good grades and joining clubs just for this! You can see the finish line ahead, but yet…you’re not quite there. It’s not time to slack off, but it’s also not time to […]

Essentials Of College Readiness: Beyond Academics, Applications and Acceptance

  If you are a high school student, especially a Junior or Senior, it is likely that weekly, if not daily, you are reminded about what’s to come. You can hear the near constant nagging: study for the SATs, get good grades, volunteer, be active in as many clubs as possible. Do everything you can […]

Blueprint Summer Programs Class of 2015

What an incredible summer of successful pre-college summer programs! We enjoyed getting to know each of our students and helping in their journey to get ready for college. Visit our Facebook or Instagram pages for more highlights from this summer’s pre-college programs. Interested in joining us next summer? Request a brochure today and be one […]

Missed the Deadline? College Admissions Decisions Are Still Being Made!

Senior year can be a blur for most students. It often seems like time is flying by and there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. High school can be extremely stressful at times, not to mention adding on the stress of college admissions. Though most college admissions decisions have already […]

Conquering Pre-College Fears

As graduation approaches, high school seniors sometimes experience a sudden shift in emotions. Their excitement and readiness to get out on their own turns into a fear of the unknown coupled with the reality of this great change. The transition from high school to college is a huge step and being nervous about this transition […]

Highest Paying College Majors : Making the Major Decision

For those finishing up their final year in high school, the decision of where to go to college is most likely, or soon to be, over. You can finally take a breath and have an answer to your Aunt Betty’s constant nagging, “So, have you decided yet?” You’ve made a huge, important decision. But, it […]