The Best Programs for “Seniors”

True Story: On Monday I received a call from a 73-year-old woman in Atlanta looking for summer programs for Seniors. Naturally, I began to ask her this, and a little about that… to try and help her figure out if Blueprint pre-college summer programs were a good fit for her student. Just a normal phone call here, right? Nope.

After a few moments of careful listening, this Senior gently corrected me that she wasn’t looking for a pre-college summer program for her granddaughter or even her daughter … she was looking for a summer program for herself… Whoops!

Not That Type of Pre-College Summer Program

My new friend didn’t want to go on a cruise like everyone else her age (not that there’s anything wrong with that), she wanted to learn something new and be part of an educational community. How awesome is that!?  60ish years younger and she would have been a great Blueprinter.

Anyway, it turns out I grew up right down the road from where she was calling and we were able to find some great classes for her at Chattahoochee Tech, a few miles away.

FYI: Did you know that if you’re over 65 you can audit any class offered at VCU? Fantastic school, great town ~ this could be the perfect match for you helicopter parents out there!    :)

OK, all joking aside, I was so happy to meet my new friend because she reminded me that we are all surrounded by resources, potential adventures, and new opportunities. But it’s up to us to take the first step.

And so after talking about summer programs for high school students all year, here’s my advice:

It’s summer, you only have a few left before you go to college or DIE (ack!), so go do something! Anything!

It could be a class at your community college, a photo project, volunteering, playing sports, planting trees, cutting down a tree, or coming to Blueprint – wink wink. But just do something.

You’ll thank yourself for it. When you’re 73 and looking back on summers past, be able to say:

“Oh yeah, that was the summer I did THAT.”

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