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How To Prepare Homeschool Students For College

As children approach high school age families begin to seriously consider options for college. For the approximately 1.5 million families who choose to homeschool, college readiness is often a concern that leads to families deciding to enroll students in a public or private high school. The need for college readiness does not take away homeschooling as […]

What You Need To Know Before Going To College

Learning the college admissions process. Determining the best way to study for tests. Figuring out how to get along with a roommate. These are all things high school students (hopefully) learn before heading off to college. But what about everything else? Those things that will make your college experience 10x better, but aren’t as common […]

3 Benefits To Volunteering More

By Marcus D. Dumas, MPH, CHES  On March 14, 1986, legendary football coach Woody Hayes delivered the commencement address at The Ohio State University. Like many speeches before, he started with a simple phrase, “Pay It Forward.” He continued with the following statement, “So seldom can we pay back because those who helped the most, […]

High School And College – What’s The Difference?

By Marcus D. Dumas, MPH, CHES  Being a first year college student can be fun but there is one thing you must know going in. Yes, college is a totally different experience than high school. Late night cram sessions. All-you-can-eat pizza and dessert in the caf. Sorority/Fraternity Rush every fall. But, what you may not […]

Finding The Right Fit: Types Of Colleges And Universities

By Janet Rosier, Independent Educational Consultant, www.janetrosier.com When I begin working with a high school student to start the college search and application process, I ask a lot of questions. This helps me learn more about my students- their strengths and areas where they may be less confident, their hopes and dreams and aspirations. This also […]

Preparing for College Admissions Interviews

By Anne M. Richard, Independent Educational Consultant, amrichardconsulting.com It can be difficult to find the right college, as at first glance they can all appear the same. They all offer a multitude of majors, have faculties of talented scholars who teach interesting courses and provide students opportunities to become involved in a myriad of student […]

America’s Worst Colleges

One of Blueprint’s main goals is to help our students identify colleges where they will thrive ~ where they will get the most bang for their buck. So, naturally, when you’re helping a student compile a list of schools that are a good fit you’re also creating a bucket of throwaway schools that are a […]

Head’s up UCLA Pre-College Writers

We’ve got a live one for you in Ms. Allen. Merridith rocked 2013 with Blueprint at GW and set her sites on the coast this summer. If you’re taking creative writing at UCLA this summer, buckle up! Merridith Allen is a playwright, screenwriter, actress, martial artist, and yogini, which potentially qualifies her for a Jane-of-all-trades…she […]