America’s Worst Colleges


One of Blueprint’s main goals is to help our students identify colleges where they will thrive ~ where they will get the most bang for their buck. So, naturally, when you’re helping a student compile a list of schools that are a good fit you’re also creating a bucket of throwaway schools that are a bad fit. One reason why a pre-college summer program is a great idea.

You get out of your education what you put in. Sure, some colleges have a hand up when it comes to resources or facilities and sometimes it helps to be around like-minded students, but for the most part an undergraduate degree is an undergraduate degree no matter how you cut it.

However, while it could be said that you’re guaranteed a good shot at a great education at any of the top 200 colleges… might it also be true that it would be difficult to educate yourself at one of the worst 20?

The Washington Monthly certainly seems to think so and has recently published lists of America’s Worst Colleges.

Worst Colleges (based on price, student debt, default rate, and graduation rate)

1. St. Augustine’s University (NC)
2. Mt. Sierra College (CA)
3. DeVry University (Everywhere)
5. Benedict College (SC)
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Worst Colleges (Graduation rate given more weight)

1. Benedict College (SC)
2. Westwood College-South Bay (CA)
3. Central State University (OH)
4. Shaw University (NC)
5. St. Augustine’s University (NC)
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Look at lists, take them with a grain of salt, get on campus, attend a summer program for high school students, do everything you can to test drive your college before the check comes!