5 Last Minute Tips For College Applications

College Applications

It’s that time of year again…college application time!

It all comes down to this moment. You have worked for 13+ years, studying, making good grades and joining clubs just for this! You can see the finish line ahead, but yet…you’re not quite there.

It’s not time to slack off, but it’s also not time to panic!

Though many elite colleges have already closed their application deadlines, the majority of schools have due dates starting on January 15. While (hopefully) you have already asked for recommendation letters and are just putting final touches on your essays, there are still a few steps left before you can hit the submit button.

Our Last Minute Tips For College Applications

  1. First Things First – As deadlines approach, many seniors can begin to freak out and start applying to way more colleges than they intended to. Looking at the common app, it’s easy to keep clicking and adding schools. Take a step back and identify your essential colleges, check deadlines and get those applications completely finished before applying to others.
  2. Find A Proofreader – After spending countless hours answering questions, writing essays and getting all the paperwork together, it can be easy to overlook minor grammatical errors or a missing recommendation letter. Have a parent or teacher go over each application before you hit the final “submit.”
  3. Do A Digital Clean Up – Your application isn’t the only thing college admissions officers look at. Make sure your social media profiles show the best possible you. Ask yourself: Would you be proud of your grandma seeing this?
  4. Don’t Push The Deadline – Admissions officers know when students submit their application. With most people waiting until the final weeks to apply, you may have a better chance sending in your application when admissions officers have fewer applications to look over. Also, waiting until the last day, when admissions sites are flooded with traffic, only increases the chances of technical errors.
  5. Don’t Panic! – You’ll get into college. And..if you’ve done your research when identifying schools, worked towards meeting admissions requirements and spent the time thoroughly completing the application, you’ll likely even get into your first choice. So, take a breath, relax and enjoy your senior year!

Remember…You got this! A little over 6 months and you will be moving in to your first dorm room wondering why you were ever worried in the first place.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

So…you’re only a freshman, none of this applies, right? No! Getting ready to apply to college should start now! You don’t want to wait until senior year and feel the enormous amount of stress as application deadlines approach.

Blueprint’s pre-college course ensures every student is prepared long before the deadlines approach. We’ll work with you on crafting the perfect essay, choosing the right colleges apply to and scoring the best recommendation letters. Get ready for college this summer with Blueprint Summer Programs!