8 Reasons To Attend Pre-College Programs!

Summer is right around the corner! With most high schools pushing through second semester, it’s easy to dream of pool lounging and Netflix binging. But, don’t give in to that temptation! (at least not entirely…)

Spend a couple weeks this summer on a college campus, getting ready for the upcoming years. If that doesn’t sound enticing enough, here are just 8 of the many reasons to attend pre-college programs (especially Blueprint!)

1. You Can Preview Your Dream School

The most obvious benefit of pre-college programs: getting on campus! You’ve wanted to go to UF since you were 11. You even have your room decked out in blue and orange. Now is your chance to get on campus and see if it’s everything you dreamed of.

You’ll learn your way around campus, find the perfect study area and determine the best place for a late-night pizza. College campuses aren’t jam-packed with students during the summer, so you can get a taste of college life without the overwhelming hustle and bustle of a normal semester.

Don’t know what school you want to attend? A pre-college summer program allows you to figure out just where you’ll fit in best. Dreaming of moving to the city, but you’re from middle of nowhere, Tennessee? Experience the excitement of Los Angeles with UCLA. Or choose between a big state school like Univ. of Florida and a more rural University of Virginia. Even if you’re unsure of what schools to apply to, experiencing different types of college campuses can help narrow your decision.

2. You’ll Confirm (Or Develop) Interests

Maybe you’re dead set on attending med school. Maybe you can’t decide between a career in psychology or writing. A pre-college summer program offers a chance for you to learn more about a subject area you choose. Try something new or jump deeper into your future college major.

Blueprint brings in current professionals and professors to give you insight into careers in law, business, writing, forensic science and more! None of this generalization stuff. You get the real scoop.

And you can explore your interests without the stress of homework and tests!

3. You’ll Make New Friends

Blueprint students come from across the globe! Bonding over a round of HORSE or your mutual interest in Ed Sheeran, you’ll create friendships that last a lifetime. And not just with other students. When you’re not in class or eating in the on-campus dining halls, Resident Advisors, with the help of your instructors, lead activities and field trips that take advantage of the campus and surrounding city. Now is your chance to get the inside scoop on college life from people who recently completed the process!

4. You’ll Enjoy Small Class Sizes

With a maximum 1:18 staff to student ratio, you won’t get lost in the crowd. We know you have lots of questions and want advice on what career to pursue or how to write your college application essays. We keep our class sizes small to give each student the chance to ask any questions they have. The individualized attention also allows for students to weigh in on the subjects (and activities!) they want.

5. You’ll Learn From Blueprint College Seminar

Getting ready for college is a long, on-going process. You could spend every minute of your high school career marking off check-lists, writing the best essays and padding your college application with 10 extracurricular activities.

No matter how much you think you know, getting ready for college can be overwhelming. That’s where Blueprint’s College Seminar and full-day College & Career Readiness Summit come in.

For 2 hours every morning, and ALL day Wednesday, we break it down for you. Students gather to learn the essentials of college readiness from those that know it best: recent graduates and college admissions officers. Financial aid, campus life, conflict resolution, time management, essay writing…and that’s just the beginning! We know you can’t learn it all in a couple weeks, so you’ll also have a 200 page college prep book to take home and show your parents.

6. You Can Live Like A College Student

The majority of college freshmen will tell you the biggest adjustment in college isn’t the increased workload or even time management. It all comes down to your living arrangements. For those of us who have never had to share living quarters with people other than family, learning to get along with a roommate, share a bathroom and regularly clean your room can be a challenge.

7. You’ll Experience Freedom! (Or At Least No Parents)

If you haven’t spent much time away from your family, a pre-college summer program helps you ease into the idea of moving away from home. For some students, it’s their first time flying across the country. Blueprint gives you the chance to live like a college student, but be surrounded by the help and support of our amazing staff!

Though a lot of independence comes with college living, so does responsibility. With a pre-college summer program, you’ll learn how to balance your academic, social and personal life.

FU68. You’ll Take Part In Fun Roadtrips!

What’s a summer without a little fun?! At each Blueprint campus, students take advantage of the cities and attractions surrounding the college. Watch the 4th of July fireworks over Washington, D.C. Visit the world famous Madame Tussaud’s. Relax on the beaches of Los Angeles.

Every college campus can get a little dull when you’ve lived there for four years. Blueprint exposes you to all the fun attractions and local hangouts available to students.


Discover even more reasons to love pre-college programs! Experience it for yourself. Register for Blueprint Summer Programs available at 6 college campuses this summer.