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    We create a community that is in touch with every student’s needs.


    We don’t do boring. Ever.

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    Get Ready For College – with our proprietary college prep curriculum.


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Personal, Innovative and Fun

College and Career Success Programs

for High School Students

“I had a very fulfilling experience at my Blueprint pre-college summer program! I got a taste of the college experience without being overwhelmed. The college readiness seminars were perfect for helping to understand the college admissions process and really prepare me for life on campus! I loved the location because it was a true college campus with a big, bustling city nearby. I liked the low-stress environment, and it made me really excited to learn. I highly recommend Blueprint Summer Programs for any high schools students!”
– Marlena, Blueprint @ Lehigh Student 2017


We create a community that is in touch with every student’s needs. How? By getting to know everyone on an individual level. Coming up with a personalized plan for college success is a key piece of the Blueprint experience.


Blueprint is built on new ideas and experiences, with creativity at its core. Even our attitude is original. Our whole-listic CCR curriculum is one-of-a kind and provides your student with comprehensive plan for success in college and in life.


We don’t do boring. EVER. At Blueprint, we have a great time! Our focus is on making lifelong friends and taking the fear out of the high school to college transition. Even our classes are a blast. No homework or tests, just #nostresssuccess!


College and Career Readiness (CCR) is the primary focus in every thing we do. The Blueprint experience helps guide students through the college selection, application and admissions process.

Personal, Innovative & Fun Pre-College Winter and Summer Programs For High School Students Entering Grades 9 – 12

We help you design your blueprint to college and career success!

Get Ready For College With Blueprint Summer Programs!

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Choose your campus. Blueprint has selected six very special schools, each with a distinctive personality.


Pick your course. Blueprint courses are fun and rewarding. No homework. No tests. No stress!


Decide how long you want to stay. Decide to stay one week or two weeks and you are registered. Done!